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Teeth Whitening in Raleigh NC

The most common and effective method to cosmetically whiten teeth involves the use of custom-made trays.  These thin, clear, flexible and comfortable trays fit over the teeth like a glove.  These trays carry a whitening solution similar to hydrogen peroxide that lightens the teeth generally while you sleep.  The results do vary from person to person but usually we have good results when used properly.

There are no known significant risks with this method although about 10% of users do experience some transient sensitivity to hot and cold during the process.  The whitening is a permanent color change but can go “backwards” with the use of coffee, tobacco, wine and other agents that can stain teeth.

Alternatively, there are systems to whiten the teeth with over-the-counter strips that are placed over the front teeth like a band aide.  These do work but are inferior to the tray system that treats not only the front six teeth but all the teeth in an arch and does a superior effort in treating teeth that are not straight.

The cosmetic result of simple and relatively inexpensive whitening can be an easy and very conservative way to enhance your appearance.

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